Myth Busted: Cycling Does Not Cause Erectile Dysfunction

They found that cyclists presented with ED 80% more frequently than did horse riders and runners. “There’s no scientific data to support the notion that a proper bike fitting will eliminate the pressure on the perineum. It will not be based on blood flow, it won’t be based on pressure mapping6; it’s going to be based on diseases and who’s healthy and who is not healthy. The patient experienced transient sensations of tightness around the glans penis while exercising. We are currently developing an experimental model to noninvasively measure the relationship between bicycling and pudendal neurovascular function in healthy men.

  • But changing your saddle affects more than you might realise, as Nick Gosseen from Specialized’s On-Rider Equipment team explains.
  • The researchers additionally recruited men by contacting international cycling, swimming and running groups.
  • But many long-distance cyclists with low handlebars and narrow seats will be fine.
  • A 2020 study showed a decrease in genital sensation among competitive women cyclists, and others have indicated that, similar to the mechanics of cycling-induced male erectile dysfunction, perineal arterial compression can stop clitoral engorgement.
  • In the last 10 years, other bike companies have marketed versions of ergonomic saddles and several German cycling magazines have sponsored independent testing of more than 20 saddles.
  • A narrow bike seat can reduce blood flow to the penis by as much as 66%, and even a broad seat may reduce flow by 25%.
  • The study was conducted by researchers at University of California-San Francisco, Stanford University School of Medicine, Washington University and the University of Texas in the US, and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

How did the researchers interpret the results? These cases all resolved within several days. In the straddle position, body weight is supported not by the ischial tuberosities but by the ischiopubic rami, the connector bones that join the ischial tuberosities to the pubic bones. As noted earlier, studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease and the probability of developing ED. Consider a recumbent bicycle or stationary cycle. 6 essential oils for erectile dysfunction (ed): what works, try to get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep a night. A basic knowledge of pelvic neurovascular anatomy is required to understand these underlying theories (21-24). 4,000 men took part in the study, of whom 63 percent were cyclists and 37 percent were swimmers or runners who did not cycle.

Pick a wide seat, ideally with plenty of padding. It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, http: Before we discuss the findings of the MMAS, a brief anatomy review should help explain how bicycling can contribute to or cause sexual dysfunction. His doctor advised him to give up the bike. Indeed, the main risk of cycling is that to your body image. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that has affected men for centuries. As a general rule, higher handlebars are considered safer. This does not mean you have to give up riding a traditional upright bike just to protect against possible ED, but this might be an option if you also battle regular back or neck pain, or other issues that interfere with regular bike riding.

A generalized linear mixed-effects model was used to fit the collected data for meta-analysis. These are summarized in Table 1. Arteries in the penis can be pinched between the seat and the pelvic bone. Staying fit and healthy is important and cycling was an exercise he would definitely recommend, "but if people start complaining of any adverse symptoms they need to seek appropriate advice," Chung said. Non-cyclists may have had lower sexual health scores on the SHIM, but these were negligible differences. Erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy, for more information, visit the Center's Web site at

These articles are based on credible science, including two recent studies from the University of California San Francisco – one on men and one on women – that surveyed thousands of online respondents and concluded that bicyclists’ sexual function is no worse than that of swimmers or runners.

What Did The Research Involve?

Should we all be riding cut-out saddles? Epidemiologic studies show that the risk of ED increases with advancing age and that the typical patient with ED is generally in his 50s or 60s. Best of all, he says: More research needs to be done on optimal width and shape of the saddle.

Sitting on a bike seat puts undue pressure on the perineum, causing the compression of an artery and key nerves. Perineal compression during cycling has been associated with the development of sexual complications. There is increasing evidence, however, that ED also occurs in much younger men. Recently, there has been growing interest in the role of bicycling in the development of ED, particularly in young, otherwise healthy men who lack the typical risk factors, such as hypertension, elevated lipids, and cigarette smoking. What is dmha?, ● Helps to promote healthy insulin sensitivity, promoting leanness and muscle building. In fact, in some cases, too soft a seat can cause more discomfort than a slightly firmer saddle (sort of like how too soft a mattress can lead to back pain).

Limited evidence supports a positive correlation between cycling and ED when adjusting for age and several comorbidities.


” Still, he says, the question of a bike-dysfunction link is not settled, and more longitudinal studies need to be done. That study compared 738 male riders from a Boston cycling club with an age-matched control group of runners. Non-cyclists were defined as those who swim and/or run but do not cycle on a regular basis. The wearing of lycra offers no place to hide. Please share in the comments. One reason a minority of cyclists may suffer sexual side-effects is poor fit.

  • The same group later reported that cycling in a reclining position caused no alteration in penile blood flow (27).
  • We’re very excited about the study and hope it will help make the sport safer and more comfortable.
  • It’s too early in the study for Dr Minkow to say which saddles or saddle designs pose the greatest risk, but he and Dr Eisenberg do seem to have made several other, important findings.
  • In a study of 17 riders published in 2020 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine found that straddling a bike seat with a nose significantly reduced blood velocity in the arteries to the penis by more than 95%, but that sitting on a “two cheek” noseless saddle had virtually no adverse effect.
  • It's good to hear cycling to work reduces your risk of dying.

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Compression of the perineum can lead to nerve damage, swelling, artery insufficiency (lack of blood flow through the vessel), and even occlusion (blockage) of blood vessels, which in turn can lead to temporary or permanent groin numbness, tingling sensations, decreased penile blood supply, erectile dysfunction (impotence), decreased orgasm sensitivity, and pain. Your knee should be just slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal cycle. Niederberger advises bicyclists not to buy into the hype when a seat design is heralded for preventing blockage and improving blood flow. While riding a bicycle burns calories and improves cardiovascular fitness, too many hours on a bicycle saddle can compress the artery and vital nerves leading to the penis. Yes, riding a bike is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. Penile pressure after 5 min of sitting was 60% of baseline.

A bilateral pudendal nerve block resulted in rapid analgesia and pain relief for 24 h. A number of years ago, bicycle saddles started to be manufactured with cutouts down the middle with the hope that this would relieve pressure on the perineum and reduce compression symptoms. Shafik (24) diagnosed seven patients complaining of long-standing ED as having pudendal nerve compression. Indeed, in one study, 55% of the subjects ranked the partial cutout saddle as the most comfortable. Some are going all out for safety. To make a long story short, external stimuli fire up the nervous system, chemicals are released from the nerve endings, and the smooth muscle relaxes. But these are issues we should all be taking seriously.

Doing this activity less than three hours a week caused no erection impairment, but based on the cyclist's age, longer-duration cycling raised the risk 72 percent above normal.

The knees should be slightly bent to support more of your weight. Renzuli (20) reported 18 men with ED. If the fit is correct, sized for your sit bone width and suited for the kind of riding your doing, it should give way to the experience of riding a bike altogether, says Garrett Getter, an exercise physiologist and current product manager for saddles at the aforementioned California-based bike maker, Specialized. Penile hemodynamic study of the perineum-saddle interface utilizing saddle/seats with and without nose extensions. As for the Scythians, however, who identified horseback riding as a possible cause of male impotence in the ninth century BCE, the relationship between bicycle riding and ED has become a matter of concern. This numbness is caused when a rider’s saddle compresses their perineum, the region between their anus and genitalia; a region that’s packed with blood vessels and nerves. Regardless of personal variations, however, numbness is one of the few warning signs that something’s amiss.

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But there’s a lot that remains unknown. Goldstein sees flaws in the UCSF studies, which surveyed thousands of respondents contacted through Facebook and sports club Websites. If we had 10,000 people in this study I would be able to tell you exactly what part of the saddle design correlated to disease,” Dr Minkow said. And for those who avoid cycling for fear it will make their ED worse, Breyer said, “My sense is that, for many, the cardiovascular benefits of the exercise will actually support and potentially improve their performance, not hurt it. When comparing cyclists to non-cyclists in an unadjusted analysis, there were no significant differences in the odds of having ED or mean SHIM score. And yet it’s an issue that all male cyclists should be aware of, if not actively concerned about.

This dramatically increases blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. Best food for sex: how to enhance sex, stamina, and libido, in a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Italian researchers examined 143 men with ED; 80% had suboptimal levels of the nutrient, and the men with severe ED had a 24% lower level of D than those with a mild form of the condition. Moreover, statistically, the risk of impotence is 25%, whereas the risk of disorders in the perineal region and lower urinary tract is 50 to 91%. Lowering the front part of the saddle, or at least making it level, relieves pressure on the penis while riding. Adult cyclists aged 18 and over were recruited through Facebook in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Beyond saddle type, however, there are a slew of other variables you should be asking about (predominantly related to fit) when doing your homework. In the pres-ent review, an overview of the relationship between cycling and ED is presented, and prevention strategies and treatment options for cyclists with ED are discussed. 5% increase in PSA in healthy male cyclists greater than 50 years old, when measured within 5 minutes post-cycling.

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A number of journal articles have found that cut-outs, while often more comfortable and sometimes recommended by doctors, can actually increase the risk of problems like uneven perineal pressure, numbness and decreased oxygenation. But that can be the worst choice for circulation, some experts say. Here is a quick cure for erectile dysfunction, when it comes to boosting sexual performance, many men will walk all over God’s green earth looking for ways to maintain a good sex life. Cyclists participate in the study by completing a brief online survey that takes about 15 minutes.

61 for developing moderate or complete ED. Bike companies have responded by developing new saddle designs, and riders have bought millions of these ergonomic seats in the last 10 years. In cyclists, a population based study indicated that bicycle riding for more than three hours a week was an independent risk factor for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

The perineum may not escape injury because its arteries run laterally and they are not directly over the cutouts. According to a Harvard Special Health Report, Erectile Dysfunction: Sitting in the saddle should give you the same enveloping feeling you get when you sink into your Eames chair — the comfy lounge and ottoman, not his hard plastic designs. Exercise in leisure time: 3% of the cyclists.

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They simply think 'I'm middle-aged, I'm on a road bike, things are bound to hurt', and so they'll put up with knee pain, saddle pain, whatever. In a separate study, Shafik (32) diagnosed pudendal artery compression in 10 patients complaining of longstanding ED. Goodson (6) reported a case involving a 46-year-old man with numbness of the penile shaft after a prolonged ride on a narrow, hard, leather saddle.

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