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My mother now feeds herself and is able to transfer with a 2-wheeled walker and 1-person assist between bed and wheelchair, as well as wheelchair and toilet--yes, she now can say when she needs to use the toilet and can actually use it. It was confirmed by a multicenter, placebo-controlled and double-blinded clinical study that the long-term administration of Korean red ginseng extracts could enhance erectile function in patients (27). The use of acupuncture as a mono-therapeutic modality in ED, did not influence the profile of the stress and sex hormones, but did improve the quality of erection and restored the sexual activity with an overall effect of 39%. In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be improved or resolved fairly easily. 7 physician office visits were made for ED in 1985. Best food for sex: how to enhance sex, stamina, and libido, "Goji is also beneficial for increasing blood flow, which helps to oxygenate all of the cells and tissues of the body, which increases your drive—that's why they call goji the 'Viagra of China. Qi is generated from the interaction between Yin and Yang.

  • Once a very hush-hush topic, the taboo of speaking out about erectile dysfunction began to dissipate in the early to mid 90's when it became recognized as a medical condition with a popular new drug that could "fix" it.
  • Researchers have found that certain Chinese herbs and acupuncture can significantly influence testosterone levels, thus improving erectile dysfunction.
  • The disorders are determined by the other signs and symptoms that are present in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Because the energy pathways run all along your entire body, acupuncture points on the extremities, abdomen, and back are used to successfully relieve this problem. However, when we talk about organ function in Chinese medicine, there is not always a direct correlation to the Western “anatomical” organs. 6 natural ways to heal erectile dysfunction, “It’s a natural sugar which plays an anti-ageing role in the body, facilitating cell communication and increasing blood flow to the sexual organs,” says Dr John Briffa of University College London’s Medical School. Once balance has been restored to the body, all functions, including sexual functions, improve. Engelhardt et al. Also known as impotence, it is a condition that is stressful, affects self-confidence and can contribute to relationship problems. Your acupuncturist will make a diagnosis based on your medical history and symptoms, and then determine the prescription of the specific for your particular case acupuncture points as well as Chinese herbal medicines that will optimize results.

In diabetics for example, impairment of blood vessels and nerves are typical symptoms. While we cannot change your DNA, we can influence the Kidney function that is sustained on a day to day basis. Anyone who suspects that ED is associated with a medication should tell a doctor. This may eliminate ED or reduce the frequency of episodes.

Prevention and treatment measures directed at vascular health and longevity is a positive choice for erectile health as well as chronic illness management. Zava, vascular health, circulation, and excess weight are often significant contributors to impotence. The curative rate was 45. Chief complaint is that sometimes he could get an erection and sometimes he couldn’t but he never knew when or if it was going to work. The treatment duration varied from 12 to 30 sessions. The researchers provided the TCM basis for the acupuncture point selection. Finally, let me clarify that there have been no major changes to my mother’s medications, and as good as it is, the care in the nursing home is always simply supporting what her needs are at any given time.

  • Most of the herbal remedies are used empirically and thereby are not convincing.
  • 4 percent of 20 men suffering psychogenic erectile dysfunction reported improved erections following acupuncture.
  • But they were split into two groups receiving different treatments.
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  • Acupuncture does not have any serious side effects, and because acupuncture reduces stress, you will look better and feel more relaxed.
  • (CRD42020013575) [12] and published in BMJ Open [13].


Erectile dysfunction is associated with a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions including diabetes, excess weight, stress, performance anxiety, and hormonal imbalances. However, it is also a condition that, in many instances, is treatable. Discuss pelvic floor physical therapy with a doctor to learn which exercises are most effective. Link between diet, erectile dysfunction and infertility, look for products labeled “BPA-Free,” and use glass or ceramic containers to store your food. Lead author Katy Cooper said: Acupuncture treatments commenced with patients in a supine position. Each protocol was applied once a week for five weeks.

The erectile tissue of the penis can be stimulated through direct or indirect means. Men who use nitrate medications for heart disease cannot even try ED pills, and some men have adverse reactions or simply do not want to use medication for ED. Alternative options such as non-pharmaceutical therapies are needed and expected. It is a common problem for men over 40, but not one that is often talked about. In addition, the therapeutic effect of acupuncture on ED is still controversial at present. In addition to these two formulas, some other formulas are also used to treat ED in clinical practice, including Yougui pill, Xiaoyao pill, Fufangxuanju capsule and so on. Seems like a simple fix, but many people don't respond to these drugs, can't take these drugs due to a contraindication with other medications (such as nitrates) or experience unpleasant side effects like headaches, stomach upset, pain, dizziness and rashes.

Another recent systematic review summarized evidence of acupuncture for ED [10]. What is Erectile Dysfunction? And the relationship between your your mind, heart body and sex/reproductive health are significantly linked. J Sex Med 2020;11: The review only included studies that were published in English and Chinese, and it is possible that some studies in other languages were not found. This behavior has a tendency to rapidly deplete Kidney essence, the part of Kidney function that was inherited from our parents.


There are several causes of ED, including certain medications, damage to the nerves and tissue (commonly due to disease), smoking, physical inactivity, emotional or psychological stress, and injury to the penis, bladder, prostate, pelvis or spinal cord. Robot check, there are a number of treatment options for erectile dysfunction including:. Overall, after acupuncture treatment, 13 of 19 patients (including 10 patients after crossover) could obtain a full erection without further therapy, and their mean IIEF score improved by 41. Impacting more than 18 million, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction has shown to be significant and increases with age. This was the first time he had had an erection in 18 years! The herb or combination of herbs prescribed by a TCM physician is based on the root cause of the individual’s ED. Performance anxiety ed: what is it and how to treat it. (ED) is a condition where men have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

We DO NOT use any points near sexual organs.

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The deterioration continued until by the end of. However, what’s not so well known is the role it can play in treating sexual dysfunction in both men. Animal experiments indicated that administration of Yidiyin increased rats’ erectile function through activating NOS-cGMP pathway (45). Moreover, it could enhance the cAMP concentration in rabbit corpus cavernosum (33).

In this condition, many studies are being conducted to investigate the underlying mechanism of those Chinese herbs using modern biotechnology. If any of the above steps do not occur, an erection cannot be sustained. 52% of Men Over 40 Experience Erectile Dysfunction. 39 year old patient with damage to the urethra due to kidney stones and botched surgery. Other modern treatments are available, but since ED is an age-old problem, some gents prefer to try old remedies instead of new therapies. It affects men in their 40s, 50s and 60s quite frequently, as well as men in their 70s and 80s. Due to the latest upgrades to our website, many pages have been moved. Engelhardt presented preliminary findings at a meeting of urologists here this week.


However, there are cases in these situations were some sexual function can be restored. It is certainly not an inevitable part of aging, so don’t accept it; book your acupuncture appointment. One trial showed the beneficial effects of acupuncture compared with sham acupuncture while the others did not. J Sex Med 2020;12: There are also specific foods that can improve sexual health2. An electronic search was conducted in eight databases to identify randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of acupuncture for treating erectile dysfunction that were published in English and Chinese. The limited evidence for the two RCTs comparing acupuncture with sham acupuncture failed to show a specific therapeutic effect of acupuncture, which was also supported by the previous review [21]. The third common reason for erectile dysfunction is if the patient used excessive drugs or alcohol when they were in their twenties and thirties.

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For another, the most common problem got a new and more accurate name, as erectile dysfunction (ED) replaced impotence, a term that's derived from the Latin for "loss of power. "However, we can address how your body responds to stress, making you better able to handle stress without it taking a toll on your body. The first group, which contained seven men, received two acupuncture sessions a week for 10 weeks using "acupuncture with several points for erectile dysfunction that are traditional Chinese acupoints," Engelhardt says. Acupuncture is based on the theory that there are 14 main energy pathways that run from head to toe along the body. In this study, the researchers note, “Emotion conditions can harm the liver and cause liver qi stagnation.

Osthole is one major component of Common Cnidium Fruit, which has been shown to have vasodilating effect. Beyond diet, Qigong, a gentle, calming exercise, can also help men with ED. Western medicine doesn’t understand the different causes that are diagnosed in Chinese Medicine. Manual acupuncture was applied to acupuncture point UB33 (BL-33, Zhongliao). Limit or avoid: J Sex Med 2020;4:


Feature image: There are no drugs involved and no invasive procedures. The needles are placed mostly in arms legs, abdomen as well as in upper and lower back. Often people fall into a deep sleep right on the acupuncture table.

In fact, some Austrian scientists claim that acupuncture can be used to treat ‘impotence’ and ‘infertility’ as well. The evidence for acupuncture as a treatment method for erectile dysfunction (ED) is fairly inconclusive thus far, and more research is needed to explore its utility in the management of ED. This feature is not available right now. Here are some articles and studies that you may find helpful: In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa , a form of heat therapy. Addressing the underlying cause Primary treatments address the issue that is causing ED. A comprehensive 2020 review found that pelvic floor exercises may help men with diabetes to get and maintain erections. Successful intercourse rates show no improvement.

The studies’ statistical and clinical heterogeneity prevented us from conducting meta-analyses even though we had originally intended to perform a meta-analysis ( , ; %). The average course of disease in the drug group was 2. The average age in the acupuncture plus herb group was 41.

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The study mentioned in this report demonstrates that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Since the kidneys are primarily responsible for fertility, consuming Cordyceps can help strengthen the kidneys, enhancing fertility. May 5, 2020 (Atlanta) -- Acupuncture has been used to treat people in the Far East for thousands of years, so it may strike some people as amusing that it is being studied in the West as a potentially "new" treatment for everything from back pain to depression. Diet, exercise and acupuncture can all help to maximize Kidney function. This article investigated the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture for erectile dysfunction (ED). Addressing this anxiety can improve overall results.

The available evidence for the ability of acupuncture alone to improve ED was insufficient and previous studies have failed to show the specific therapeutic effect of acupuncture for treating ED.

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Neither of the studies assessed the success of blinding, although they adopted a sham control. ED affects around 52% in men aged 40 to 70 years, with more than 320 million men predicted to suffer from ED by 2025 years worldwide [2]. It is important to note that even when ED cannot be cured, the right treatment can reduce or eliminate symptoms. The curative rate was higher in the treatment of pattern of damp-heat in lower jiao than pattern of kidney yang deficiency. So our acupuncture treatment principle is to improve Yang deficiency to recover our body from unbalance back to balance. You will hardly feel them. Only 5% of men at 40 have erectile dysfunction, but 15- 25% of men at 65 experience this disorder. Acupuncture is gentle and has no negative side effects.

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At the same time, they were treated with acupuncture once a day. Even when serious physical health issues are present, a mechanical device can usually help with getting an erection. It was reported that EGb761 preserved the neural nitric oxide synthase (nNOS)-positive nerve fibers after cavernous nerve injury in rats (13). Using food as medicine, Chinese herbs, lifestyle recommendations, along with proper acupuncture and additional adjunct therapies - this is the way we practice and how we address erectile dysfunction. Needling this point restores yuan (source) qi and benefits the zang-fu organs and meridians. Nowadays various Chinese herbs are used for patients with ED in clinical practice and show satisfying outcomes.

– frequent urination Symptoms of Damp Heat: In the early research that has been conducted thus far, acupuncture is actually not used locally (i. )A pump and viagra did nothing to help. The authors declared that there is no conflict of interests.

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We know the benefits of Chinese medicine and have seen numerous very good practitioners throughout Asia. Acupuncture, which is defined as the insertion of needles into the skin and underlying tissues at acupoints for therapeutic or preventive purposes, is one of the most important components of CAM [8]. Not effective: ED commonly involves the kidney or liver patterns of disharmony, such as kidney yin vacuity, kidney yang vacuity and binding depression of liver Qi. Male kegel exercises erectile dysfunction, studies have found that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can improve sexual function, such as erections, orgasms and ejaculations. PDE-5 inhibitors work in approximately 7 of 10 men but may lose their effectiveness if taken over a long period of time. However, there is some indication that acupuncture may stimulate nerve endings, and induce nerve impulses which then impact on levels of norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and their biological enzymes in the central nervous system [8].

The safety of acupuncture for ED was unclear because there were too few reports on this topic. There are different ways for its use, including stimulation of acupoints with needling, heating (moxibustion), electrical current, or injecting drugs into acupoints [5]. BL-33 is located in the third posterior sacral foramen. For electroacupuncture, 10 Hz stimulation was applied for 15 minutes. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides: Acupuncture demonstrated five major and significant improvements in erection quality.

Sildenafil must NOT be taken by anyone who is using nitrates because it can cause the blood pressure to drop dangerously low.

  • The acupuncture treatment for ED/Impotence is different for each individual, and is based on your overall levels of health, as well as your specific symptoms.
  • Studies comparing acupuncture (alone or combined with Chinese herbal medicine) and Chinese herbal medicine, two different forms of acupuncture, and different acupoints were excluded.
  • A systematic review published in 2020 concluded with insufficient results about the effect of acupuncture when comparing with sham acupuncture and psychological therapy [9].
  • It has been estimated that the prevalence of ED will be 322 million cases by 2025 worldwide [3].
  • To treat ED, it is first necessary to ascertain its cause.


Acupuncture has been widely used in clinical trials of ED in recent years. This video explains how acupuncture treats ED. One finding reports that acupuncture helps men with ED; another claims that it doesn’t help at all.

Quite often there are multiple factors contributing to this condition and both the mind and body need to be addressed as one could exacerbate the other. Effect of berberine on the mRNA expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in rat corpus cavernosum. There are many clinical trials that confirm that acupuncture can improve male erectile function. Erectile dysfunction is a very common experience.

That being said, if you have erectile dysfunction, there is clearly something wrong with your Chinese medicine Kidney function. Cistanche tubulosa ethanol extract mediates rat sex hormone levels by induction of testicular steroidgenic enzymes. According to TCM principles, the liver governs the tendons and the genitals are the gathering place of the ancestral tendon.

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